Pakati visit 2022 – Days 4 & 5 – Other Ward 14 Schools

Greetings everyone! Welcome to part 4, the final part of the events of my trip to Ward 14 of Murewa, which took me to both Chanetsa schools (Primary & Secondary) on the Thursday, and finally to Mapanga Primary on the Friday.

Prior to this trip, Friends of Pakati & our partners, VaTonatsa Foundation, had collaborated on a number of ventures, not least the Revision booklets during the Covid Pandemic. We produced them to help Grade 7 & Form 4 students – exam classes – but who to give them to?

Head of Chanetsa Secondary, Mr Mawedze, joined Friends of Pakati’s Lorraine Mapuranga as we visited their sister Primary school

Friends of Pakati support the Pakati schools, and VaTonatsa provide assistance to Mapanga. The issue then was – what about the Chanetsa schools? They are geographically between Pakati & Mapanga, in the same Ward 14. Historically students have moved between these 5 schools, & there are many family connections across the area. It seemed wrong to leave Chanetsa out.

Part of the welcome we had at Chanetsa Secondary school – a short video is further below in this post

All interested parties were contacted, key supporters of Friends of Pakati agreed, Alderman Maliki, local Councillor for the Ward agreed, VaTonatsa agreed. All 5 schools thus benefitted, and results turned put better than expected.

Friends of Pakati & VaTonatsa Foundation visit Mapanga Primary school

This year, again following extensive consultations, it became clear our funds would need to go to restoration of solar power to both Pakati schools. We had been donated a small number of laptops & some t-shirts, but the laptops were not suitable for learners, so it was agreed we should give them to the Heads to help school administration, and there were enough to include all 5 schools in the Ward. The t-shirts were sufficient to share also, at no cost to Friends of Pakati.

Here below is what happened when we handed over the donations to Chanetsa & Mapanga.

Chanetsa Secondary school

A very warm welcome was what greeted us on the Thursday morning!

We were shown around the school grounds, a small developing school which has strong links to Pakati schools.

Chanetsa Primary school

Here we were met with another lovely welcome!

They chose to give their students an early finish, as we handed over the donated items in front of the staff, School Development Committee members from both Chanetsa schools, and a number of parents too.

Here we can see how well they goods are receivef, by Mr Kadzimu, Head of Chanetsa Primary school:

Mapanga Primary School

Friday saw us visit Mapanga Primary school for the first time as we did for Chanetsa schools the day before.

Another amazing welcome came courtesy of the Head, Mrs Maenzanise!

We had a similar day to Pakati, if on a smaller scale. There were diistinguished guests including 2 local councillors, School Development Commitee members, village heads, staff, students & patents present.

We were treated to performances by students – poetry, drama & traditional dance – as well as several guest speakers. Here are some of the highlights:

Another great day in a very memorable week! This all brought my trip to all 5 schools in the Ward to an end – a week I will not forget in a hurry!

Many thanks to everyone concerned who organised the visits, the distinguishef guests, SDC’s, village Heads, all parents, staff & students at ALL 5 schools namely Chanetsa Primary, Chanetsa Secondary, Mapanga Primary, and of course, Pakati Primary and Pakati Secondary svhools.

Will we be back next year? We certainly hope so!










My name is Chris Walker, and between January 1989 and September 1991 I worked, through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), at Pakati Secondary School in Murehwa South district in Zimbabwe. I was a Maths teacher for 2 years, the Acting Head for the last 8 months there. I have also taught in Botswana & the UK, had 4 years working for VSO, and have been a Civil Servant in Bradford since 2005.

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