2020 Vision – Friends of Pakati – the project continues

The Author being greeted by Mr Mugove Chifaka,
Head of Pakati Secondary school, September 2019

Following the success of ‘My Project for 2019’ and all that went with it, 2020 Vision lays out the aims for this year, and how we hope to achieve them.

As already mentioned in earlier blog posts, discussions have been carried out with interested contributors, and a list of priorities has been put together to reflect those discussions. They are as follows below

  1. Internet: The first few computers delivered in September will come into their own once the internet is available. It offers students and teachers access to so much more information, advice, and educational material.
  2. Printers and paper: With a lack of available text books, then once internet is set up then a printer for each school will be useful, so they can print out copies of relevant material, e.g. things like past exam papers.
  3. Security: Both schools will need additional, improved security for the rooms in which the computers will be used. Better burglar bars on the windows and additional door security is needed.
  4. More computers: In order to offer formal IT lessons, each school needs at least 10 computers. Currently they both have 5, so extra ones are needed. This will raise another question though – electricity supply. At present the supply is irregular, and both rely on solar power during the day.
  5. Text books: It is sad to see that even now 30 years on from my time as a teacher at Pakati Secondary school, there are too few text books for the number of students.
  6. Desks/seating: As with books, not enough desks and/or seats for the students. On top of that, there is now a requirement for seats with back support for the students.

I would like to add something else into the mix too….the overall classroom environment inside could use a spruce up, as could the admin block at the Secondary. Ceilings, a lick of paint, doors and windows? I believe the Primary would also benefit from similar improvements. The schools budgets are stretched, so I appreciate that these things would not be their highest priorities. However, depending on how much can be raised, friendsofpakati.com will try to cover as many of these stated priorities as possible during 2020.

Further details on fundraising events, ideas, will be announced shortly on the blog.