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Written by Chris Walker:

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the blog, the first for two weeks. Unfortunately I have been ill for some days, but recovering well now. 

Because of this, I missed posting last week, and haven’t been able to record the podcast I had hoped to either. It will be rescheduled as soon as I can manage it.

Mrs Maenzanise at Mapanga Primary.

As you will remember, we have visited & donated some items to all 5 schools in Ward 14 in September last year. See here for details of some of those donations:

Recently, the head of Mapanga Primary school, Mrs Maenzanise, sent me some pictures from her school, with students wearing their new uniforms.

 A septic tank has been completed, and some flush toilets are being added according to Mrs Maenzanise.

Enough toilets are being built for staff and students alike.

Work is near completion for the first block! 

Mrs Maenzanise has been visiting friends & family in Chitungwiza recently, a high-density suburb of Harare. It is the height of the rainy season, which often means transport can be difficult as some roads become badly affected by the rains…

Many thanks to Mrs Maenzanise for all the information & photos!

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