**Saturday Star** Lorraine Mapuranga, former Pakati student – first instalment of profile 7


My name is Lorraine Mapuranga. I was born in 1974 in Harare Centeal Hospital. Both my parents were peasant farmers, and I was born in a family of 3 girls with me being the second child.

Growing up in a family where we were only girls made life a bit difficult for me, because we had to do all household chores, some of which are culturally men’s duties, like herding cattle or milking cows, and though it was our major source of protein I hated it so much.

I also had to make sure the goats and our chickens were cared for by me and my sisters, so we would take turns to do it. As growing up girls we were also taught to till the land sometimes before we went to school.

I had also to fetch water from as far away as 2 kilometres, and sometimes halfway back from the well I would fall and had to go back again to fetch more. This time around I would will be crying. Then there was fetching firewood, where you would come across snakes in the mountain and sometimes get stung by scorpions.

Our daily food was sadza (finely ground maize made into a thick porridge) and vegetables, with peanut butter. I can also say we use to survive on seasonal foods. This is an umbrella term to describe what a girl from the grassroots survived on.

I did my primary education at Chanetsa primary school from 1982 to 1988. Something to smile at now is that my parents used to buy me a bigger size uniform so that it stays longer as I grew. However for me it was fine like that.

What was very interesting about waking up for school was we had our own brown rooster. It would guide us when to wake up and prepare for school. But then it sometimes used to get confused, like when the moon was too bright it would end up waking us up at 1am!. I would set a fire and prepare everything, only to find out later that it was actually midnight and not time for school….When going to school we were guided by the sun setting on a particular muhacha tree, but now this kind of watch was not reliable because it would differ with seasons.

As I write this im actually laughing at myself because now I can’t wake up at a certain time without an alarm, but you would wonder how I did it for so long, as young as I was. I will write a full book about this one day!

Now let me go to my high school. At grade7 (end of Primary schooling) I passed well and I vividly remember Enniviolata Chingoriwo who would always take number 1 and set me on second position. My other threat was from Kennedy Saide. I wish I could one day meet them again.

More from Lorraine in part 2 coming soon!

Pakati Schools: Cyclone Idai news

I am pleased to report that as far as I have heard the Cyclone has not affected the area in any way.

However, I have had reports from some sources, of relatives and friends living in the affected areas around Chimanimani, some of whom have perished.

If I hear of any details I will add them in to future posts on here. If anyone wishes to send information to be published please use any of the contacts shown on the ‘Important Links’ page. Thank you

Former Pakati student profile 5 – Locardia Mandishayika

Locardia Mandishayika, 2019

My name is Locardia Mandishayika. I was born in 1979 at St Pauls Hospital, Musami.

I was at Pakati Primary from 1987 to 1993 and Pakati Secondary from 1994 to 1997. My favourite subjects were Science, Commerce and Shona.

At primary I still remember Mr Zimbudzana teaching me in grade 1, also Mr Marambakuyana, Mr Kupara, and Headmaster Mr Rugoyi. At secondary school I still remember our Commerce teacher, the late Mr Sagonda, the late Science teacher Mr Goronga and Mrs Chingoriwo, Agriculture teacher. During those years our headmaster was Mr Senzere.

I remember doing my school work and reading with my friends Christine Bayo and Happymore Makuwaza during lunch. I still keep in touch with my classmates including the two I mentioned. I wrote 5 subjects instead of 8 in O level as no one could pay the extra 3 after welfare paid for only 5.

Pakati Primary School 2019

My father died in 1993. I am the 3rd born, I have 1 sister and 5 brothers. Every morning at 3am we watered the garden, then we went to school. We came back at 5pm and watered the garden until 9 pm We farmed vegetables, tomatoes, onions, and sweet potatoes while our mother cooked. We did the dishes at 10pm, so that when I tried to study I was too tired.

I would read during break at school. We were 30 in a class with 3 people on each desk. I am currently working in South Africa (as an Au Pair in Sandton, Gauteng Province), and I take leave from work at the end of May to 30 June to sell the produce and during my leave I still help at the farm near Pakati.

Former Pakati student profile 4 – Moses Chadenga

Moses Chadenga

My name is Moses Chadenga, I was born in 1974 at St Pauls Hospital, Musami. I was at Pakati Primary from 1981 to 1987, then at Pakati Secondary from 1988 to 1989. My favourite lessons were Geography, Shona, Science and Mathematics. My favourite memory at Secondary school is when I topped at ZJC in the subject of Shona and it was announced at the Assembly point.

When I left Pakati I transfered to Harare High school where I finished my O levels. I then got a job and worked for Lever Brothers for 2 years, then later joined Tedco Management Services where I worked for another 2 years.

In 1998 I formed a company with my brother, and we operated for 3 years. The company I formed was manufacturing batiks. We operated in Glenlorne area of Harare. I was also into sign writing, I am the one who designed and painted the Pakati sign post.

I then came back in Mrewa and started a farming business, until i was contracted by Pakati Secondary school and worked as a clerk from 2012 to 2015. When I was working I started studying with Bindura University.

I was inspired by Mr Walker & am now following in his footsteps. I finished the diploma in Science Education with Bindura University specialising in mathematics. I am waiting for the results, after which I will be a qualified maths teacher. I now have a contract with Chanetsa Secondary school, a neighbour and sister school to Pakati.