Meet Pakati People – Profiles and Success Stories!

Read about the people we have met from the Pakati community – those who have studied or taught at either or both Pakati schools – and what they have done since then. They are teachers, workers in creative arts, pastors, Headteachers, medical administrators, and many other professions. Former Pakati staff/students live in Zimbabwe (mostly either in Harare or Murewa/Pakati district) , South Africa (mostly Jo’burg and Cape Town), Botswana, South East Asia, and, I gather, one or two are in the UK.

The links below take us to each story, please have a read:

**Pakati Sports Star** Profile of Juliana Chiroodza

From Pakati to London! **Weekend Star** Epiphania Chiroodza

**Star Profile** From Pakati, a rising star! Meet Daniel Mususa