Past, present & future…

Past, Present & Future

Past & present are easy to talk about, but what about the future? How will we continue with our plans? What are our plans for 2022 going to look like? Here is a hint of something coming up this year…see in the section below on our future



Friends of Pakati was officially launched on Wednesday, 16th January, 2019. This was after around 4 months of research, preparation & setting things up. It conicided with the 30th Anniversary of me stepping into a classroom for the first time as a teacher at Pakati Secondary School.

Since meeting Head Mr Chifaka in 2018, we have had some great moments, including the delivery of our first set of IT & sports equipment…

…all of which went to the schools in September 2019, the scene of an official handover of the goods.


Now, 3 years on from our official launch in 2019, we are looking forward to 2022, our 4th year of operating. It should be a momentous year, as we are presently preparing for a number of things to happen, among them the following:

  • Charity registration
  • Fundraising events
  • Collaboration with VaTonatsa Foundation
  • Collecting donated IT & shipping to Zimbabwe
  • Overseeing delivery to Pakati

From a recent blog – – we have been donated FIFA22 on Play Station 5, and our friend Simon has collected it this week.

With Simon’s help, we should be able to raise some much-needed funds for Friends of Pakati!


Our most important mission this year – 2022 – is to collect the 20 promised computers from the hugely supportive Stephenson Group Ltd of Leeds, and deliver them to Pakati schools, just as we did in 2019. This means we have to add significantly to our funds, so already we are planning at least 2 fundraising events, with the possibility of more to come. For today, I will focus on the first two – one of which is still in the process of being designed, the other is something which Covid 19 prevented from happening in 2020.

First, let me start with the one which is already ‘designed’ so here is the 2022 version of Get ‘TIED UP’ for PAKATI

Already I have the Scunthorpe United Official Supporters Club (SUOSC) Chair, Neal Campbell, on board. He recently told me that “I will back this and help in any way I can.”

The next stage is for me to contact the supporters groups for Bradford City FC, and also both clubs themselves. I have had an interview to be published in the local Bradford newspaper, the T&A, quite soon. I hope therefore to get as large a number of fans of both clubs to wear a tie to the game on 23rd April, & each one to donate £1 to Friends of Pakati. Below is my own example:

The second event is just beginning to be organised. It is planned to be ‘An Evening With…’, and so far, I have someone who has agreed to be involved, and should attract some interest in Scunthorpe. Sir Nic Dakin is the former MP for the Scunthorpe area, who lost his seat in the 2019 General Election.

We are starting to search for a suitable venue, and are putting together other ideas to make the evening a success, to raise funds for us. Some of these may or may not happen, but things such as live music, quiz, raffle, food, merchandise stall – but we will decide these as time goes on. Publicity will be key to get a good number of people. We are looking at late May/June as a likely tine of year for it to happen.

Other News

The Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities  of which Friends of Pakati is a member, is gathering new members both UK and Zimbabwe based. Here is one recent post on their facebook page –  – about one of those newer members. They are currently constructing a new website, details of wbich will be released soon.

Generous gifts are always welcome…

….plus other news.

Firstly though, a very generous offer was made to me… recently I heard from a fellow Iron (Scunthorpe United FC) fan called Andrew Purser. He has had a bit of good luck:

“Hi Chris  I’ve just won a signed PS5 copy of FIFA22 from SUFC and was wondering if you would accept it to either eBay or auction for Friends of Pakati?”

Stock image of  Sony PS5

Not surprisingly, I said YES PLEASE!

But what should I do with it? That bit was easy – contact friend of Friends if Pakati, Simon Faulkner. Find out more about –

Simon is going down to the Sands Venue Stadoum/Glanford Park soon to collect the FIFA22, and will be advertising it for sale/auction on Ebay before too long.

I did ask Andrew why he decided to give his prize away…got this wonderful reply:

“I’ve always believed that if you are fortunate to receive a small bit of luck then it’s important to pass that forward, after following Chris on Twitter and reading some of his excellent blogs regarding the fantastic work of Friends of Pakati I felt as though there was no better place to pass forward my spot of luck #UTI”

Well, that is a massive ‘Thank You’ from all of us here at Friends of Pakati, Andrew! Details of when it will be offered for sale/auction will be released soon!

The next question is….do you have anything you would like to donate to ys for sale/auction/raffle? Memorabilia? Sports gear? School equipmenr? Anything useful? If so, please let us know via our usual channels: you can DM us there you cam IM us there

Or you can message us here on this website in the comments section.

More on this (and other potential events) in next weekend’s special blog – Past, Present & Future!

Other News

Firstly, I am reliably informed that the planned reopening of schools in Zimbabwe has once again been delayed due to Covid19, with the Omicron variant having a rapid spread across southern Africa. Those sitting exams will be allowed in, but under strict potocols.

Scenes of students returning to school delayed once more due to Covid 19.

As soon as they do re-open, we will bring you up to date on all things related to Pakati schools.

Secondly, the Author is currently also involved with the previously-mentioned Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities – see here for more information  – as we gather more members here in the UK and in Zimbabwe. Structures are being put in place, and a website is being built. Already the Consortium has a Facebook page, and has posted several items sent in by members, be it events, news, blogs or whatever. Take a look here – to see what has been published so far.

Thirdly, I have been taking stock of our assets & Here is a brief run down of what we currently have:

One pull-up banner

258 Badges

115 mugs (3 different designs)

32 coasters (3 different designs)

115 key rings, incl 30 old ones & 85 new ones, both sets in 3 different designs

…and 82 T-shirts in 5 sizes – Small, Medium, Large, XL & XXL

Xmas 2021 prices are still in effect! See

Also see some of our satisfied customers

Please let us know using the same channels shown above in the first section of this blog post.

Finally, a reminder to look out for next weekend’s special blog – Past, Present & Future – to find out what to expect from Friends of Pakati in 2022!

Why next Sunday, 16th January? What is so special about that date? Here is a reminder in the first paragraph of the first ever blog –

Happy New Year from Friends of Pakati!

A very warm welcome to the first blog of 2022 – and let us at Friends of Pakati wish all of you, your families and your friends, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

I will now add a short video to pass on my own personal welcome to you all to the New Year, before the blog gives an update on several important issues which are going on in the background for us.

The main things to discuss on this blog are:

Who we are – the people behind Friends of Pakati

Stephenson Group

VaTonatsa Foundation

New Year plans

Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities

Financial position


Charity Status


So, to begin with – Who we are – the people behind Friends of Pakati:

Firstly the Author – me – Chris Walker, former Acting Head & Maths Teacher at Pakati Secondary School between Jan 1989 & Sep 1991, now living & working in Bradford, UK.

Secondly,  former student of both Pakati schools and now Teacher if English/IT in an International School in South East Asia, Bothwell Riside.

Thirdly, former student at Pakati Secondary School between 1990 & 1992, Lorraine Mapuranga, who currently lives & works in South Africa.

Fourthly, Stuart Pine, IT Manager at the Stephenson Group in Leeds, key donors of PCs & sponsors of Friends of Pakati.

And Fifthly, another former Maths Teacher at Pakati Secondary School between Sep 1991 & Dec 1993, Debbie Chadbon, who now lives & works in Bristol, UK.

Next, the Stephenson Group – – who came on board with a donation of PCs in 2019, thanks largely to Stuart their IT Manager mentioned above.

Following a phone call with Stu very recently, it was confirmed they are planning to donate another 20 PCs at least, and I hope to talk to their Sustainability person soon about issues around getting them transported out to the schools in 2022. We are delighted to have them continue to partner with us to recycle IT they no longer use.

Following on from this is VaTonatsa Foundation, an organisation Friends of Pakati are delighted have partnered with before. Most notably was during 2020 with the Covid-19 pandemic at its height, with schools closed, we collaborated on producing revision booklets for exam students at 5 schools including both at Pakati.

We are now looking to work more closely together in the future, drawing up a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate where our visions overlap – support for students, schools and communities in Ward 14 of Murewa District, where Pakati schools sit. A full blog on this will happen in the near future.

Picture from the meeting at VaTonatsa Foundation where among other things they passed the resolution to sign an MOU with Friends of Pakati.

New Year plans…all will become clear when I release a special blog on 16th January – the 33rd anniversary of when I took my first lesson as a teacher at Pakati Secondary school!

Next up is the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities, of which Friends of Pakati is an active member. Currently the set up of the two branches – UK and Zimbabwe – is taking place. Roles are being agreed & allicated, with both branches to mirror each other while allowing for legal & practical differences.

Our Financial position as of 31/12/2021 has been affected by the purchase of goods to sell – merchandise – so there is an amount of money that we have, but Friends of Pakati also has assets – that merchandise. Every penny from future sales will go into the funds available.

See more details at

Friends of Pakati needs to Professionalise. It has been going for 3 years now, and if it is to succeed in growing & expanding, it needs to up its game. A more professional appraoch, particularly in terms of fundraising, events, communications and sponsorship/donors/supporters. More details will be released in the New Year.

Charity status has been delayed somewhat during & because if Covid 19, but I think it is time to get it sorted. I have started to go back over the process, and hope to have the application in early in 2022.

That’s all for now, and so…



Friends of Pakati Review of 2021

Welcome to the Author’s Annual Review for Friends of Pakati! I hope you enjoy it & can help us by sharing across your contacts & social media platforms.

Let me have a quick word while I can…

I am going to cheat a bit for the first 6 months – here is the link to find out what we did between January & June this year:

Now, let’s take a look at the most important things to happen to Friends of Pakati in these last 6 months – some of them are potentially very significant for our future.

So, in July this year the first thing that happened was something potentially bad – the Author had a (thankfully) mild heart attack.

Due to the efforts & expertise of the NHS here in the UK, I was treated swiftly & relesaed after only 3 nights in hospital. Read about it here – I am very glad to be able to say I am back to full health & taking the medication & advice I need to prevent a reccurrence.

July provided some important news for us, not least the promise by to have more computers to send to Pakati schools as soon as we are safely able to. Read about it here:

During my recovery from the heart attack, at home I was able to spend time on Friends of Pakati, and it allowed me to make sure I was well enough to attend the ‘Positive Change Makers’ event in August. It was wonderful to meet the members of who had lived up to their promise to fund our website.

Here are two key posts about our preparations for, and attendance at that event – and

Strangely, we have only had two new profiles of people to introduce to you, but they were ones I had been trying to get hold of for some time. Both were former students of mine, and were sisters. I have very fond memories of my time at Pakati, and remember both sisters very well. Read all about them here: and

Every now & then I blog from more of a personal perspective, rather than reporting what is happening at the schools or with interested parties. These next few posts are good examples of that… plus these two posts about my concerns regarding Friends of Pakati: and

Both Pakati schools have provided information, photos and updates on what has been happening, here are a couple of them for you, firstly at the Primary then at the Secondary

In the last couple of months, Friends of Pakati have become involved in two different, but overlapping collaborations. Firstly, the idea has emerged that we should become ever more closely tied to one of our partner organisations, VaTonatsa Foundation.

Secondly, a Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities is now being formalised, an initiative by TeamCaro for organisations in both the UK and Zimbabwe. Both ourselves and VaTonatsa are now members. Read about all this here:

Both of these collaborations should develop significantly in the New Year, and will feature in the blog accordingly.

The consortium is already active, as seen in our recent blog about an event in Harare, Zimbabwe:

We are gaining publicity and interest among the NGO community, not least thanks to the NGO News Digest recently, who have come on board in support of the Consortium – see

Sometimes I don’t have a theme, or main story to tell, but a number of smaller items to discuss. Here are the most recent examples: plus and

During this year we also added new social media platformsto our list – Instagram & Youtube. Here is our full social media presence:

In addition to the stories, we have added more pages to this website, most recently this one: Others are updated regularly, such as these two pages: and

Our main aim at the start, 3 years ago, was to get some computers to the two Pakati schools. This remains the principal aim, along with others, as can be seen in our Vision page A blog will be released to go through our finances, and our plans for 2022

If you can help in any way, please contact us by email If you can donate, large or small, then please use

Hold the Front Page!

… a couple of other things..

This week’s NGO News Digest has been kind enough to highlight our efforts, with a front page spread and major article following an interview by the Editor Mr Evans Dakwa. Thank you Evans!

It is an honour to be recognised for what Friends of Pakati are doing and planning to do for the two Pakati schools, and hopefully the community & other nearby schools. Below is the article in full, with a couple of corrections where relevant.

Here is each column in close up with any corrections below:

Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) rather than VIS

During the year 2022, rather than at the beginning.

Debbie Chadbon, rather than Chaddon.


We look forward to being able to back up this story with actions in the coming year!

Our future plans are being formulated at present, but developing closer working relationships with VaTonatsa Foundation, and with fellow members of the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities, will definitely help us to meet our vision

We are looking to raise more money towards that vision, and expanding sales of our merchandise will contribute to that, as well as other fundraising activities. We are also looking for other donors, large or small, to allow us to expand our reach beyond Pakati schools.

Our next blog, due on 26th December, will be a review of the year 2021 for Friends of Pakati. I can tell you there is a lot in it!

Last, but not least, let me say a huge ‘Makorokoto/Congratulations’ to former Pakati student and occasional contributor to this blog, the now DOCTOR Reverend Aggie Fombo Maravanyika of Mutare, seen here above with her family, having received her Doctorate recently, and looking relaxed but happy below!

“We have a Masters and Doctor of Theology in the house…Dr Rev Aggie”

This & That

This week we have another collection of things to tell you about & show you what has been going on… all somehow related to Pakati schools and Friends of Pakati. I hope you enjoy what we produce, and that you will spread the word to help us help the schools and local community there. Read on…

This photo was taken just a few days ago at Pakati Secondary school, by one of our folowers who is a former student and local resident, Jerry ‘Jedza’ Chavura. It was an unusually cloudy day during what are the hot summer months in Zimbabwe. As previously mentioned, chools across the country are to close on 17th December, and re-open on 4th January for the new school year there.

Last weekend saw us blog about the Primary school – – and mentioned about problems with the power supply at the Secondary which are still to be resolved. We also showed wind damage to part of Mapanga Primary school in the same area. It hasn’t stopped the school from carrying on with classes, as seen here courtesy of their Head, Mrs Maenzanise:

We ran a bonus blig on Tuesday last week, celebrating the successful event held in Harare the Friday before – see  – and we were not the only ones to recognise the importance of the event.

The NGO News Digest Newsletter in Zimbabwe also published a review, and three members of the Consortium – TeamCaro Foundation, VaTonatsa Foundation, and Friends of Pakati – were all quoted in their article ‘PVOs NOT AN ESCAPE ROUTE FROM UNEMPLOYMENT’ (PVO – Private Voluntary Organisation – equivalent of registered local charities in Zimbabwe)

Here is the Author’s contribution:

Other Consortium members are also involved in actvities, below are the details of those I am aware of.

Firstly, the Zoe CTT…a youth-supporting event coming up soon:

Registration already in progress and last day of payment is 17 December for logistics purposes

Secondly, Thabani Patience Manjenjenje Gambiza of the TPMFoundation and Vari Mayez of VaTonatsa Foundation were seen together recentky…

Thabani reported “Currently with Varaidzo at Zimbabwe Small Holders Organic Forum Campaign to End Violence against Women and Girls @SOS Training Centre, Waterfalls Harare.”

Also at the event were another Consortium member organisation – “Takudzwanashe Sprout Women Empowerment Trust Representative presenting and standing in for Caroline Mutimbanyoka”

Not to be left out, the TeamCaro Foundation have been spreading some Christmas cheer as they expand their support work here in the UK too:

‘This was The TeamCaro Foundation today. This is a Hospice we will be working with and they are as excited as we are so that’s a good start. Well done team👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾”

One of the members of the Consortium not previously mentioned here are the Rebirth Correctional Services Trust:

“We are a registered Trust that exists for the purposes of rehabilitation of inmates and successful re-entry of ex-inmates(prisoners) into society.

We focus on empowering inmates spiritually and physically.
With a strong focus on children in prison with their mothers.

3 main thrusts.

🖊️ Education
🖊️Health and wellness
🖊️ Family Cohesion.

We are pleased to be part of this great move to transform people’s lives.

We hope and pray to be learning a lot from this networking.


Important to add that their vital support extends to the families of those in prison.


Thank you for reading – please pass on to your contacts!

To donate please use

To contact please use

Consortium Event a Great Sucess!

Last Friday, 3rd December, several members of the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities attended an event based in Harare and/or by Zoom.

It was suggested on the Consortium’s WhatsApp group chat, and eagerly taken up by Vari Mayez of VaTonatsa Foundation. A HUGE THANK YOU & WELL DONE!!! to Vari for all the hard work she did in preparing and presenting this event👏👏👏

Friends of Pakati were delighted to support the event, and spread the word across our social media platforms accordingly. As our banner was also on the poster above, I decided to send a brief pre-recorded message of encouragement to the participants via Vari. I had work commitments so was unable to attend via Zoom unfortunately. See below what they would have heard had it not been for technical problems on the day, which also affected Zoom participants:

Below is a summary of the event, with reactions from participants, starting with the program for the event:

Opening prayers were conducted by Pastor Rego. following opening remarks by the moderator, Thabani Patience Manjenjenje Gambiza.

The event was closeded by Mr Fungai Gwiriri of the ZOE Trust, a member of the Consortium based in Zimbabwe. Here he is giving the ‘thank you’ speech for the pesenters and to the participants:

The first speaker on the programme, though the second to actually speak, was Mrs Spiwe Chakawa, a widely-respected practitioner and advocate for development in Zimbabwe, particularly for children, youth and women. She holds two Development related degrees from two Universities in Zimbabwe.

She has contributed to numerous national programmes for children, serves on several boards, hss mentored non-profit start ups, and is currently the Executive Director for the Chiedza Child Care Centre since 2013.

In addition, Spiwe is Chairperson of the PVO Board in the Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Development. All of which made her MORE than qualified to present her topic, PVO Registration – What You Need To Know! Here she is in full flow!

Video courtesy of Fungai from Zoe CTT

She gave very good infirmation about PVO’s in Zimbabwe, how to register, what the legal requirements are, how to present your case. A topic very appropriate to many of the participants judging by the positive feedback received.

Vari Mayez seen absorbed by the presentations she had organised on behalf of the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities. Photo coutesy of Fungai from Zoe CTT

The second speaker due on the programme was Mr Taurai Kativu, though he actually spoke first. He is a Lawyer of 6 years experience, with 5 years in private practice. He has done a secondment at an International NGO. He is the holder of a Law Degree and Bachelor of Social Science Degree.

Taurai talked about registration, administration of NGOs, and proposed amendments to the PVO Act. See below as he gives his presentation to the participants:

The third speaker on the day was Mr Kudzai Midzi.

Kudzai is passionate about contributing to the transformation of societies through improving the financial management and the governance capacity of organisations, as well as giving back in whatever ways he can. He is currently the Managing Consultant of KFM Consultants and shared his advice on how NGO’s can become financially sustainable.

Kudzai gave his presentation online. Below are the first 2 slides of his presentation:

His presentation definitely resonates with me having seen the slides. He expanded in more detail on each slide, providing very valuable information, ideas and guidance to the participants in what is a very important aspect of such organisations – financial sustainability. Greatly appreciated by all those present. Here they are enjoying his presentation, clearly engaged with it:

I am going to include a few more photos taken at the event, and give my thanks to those who shared them & allowing me to use them on this blog.

There was some very good feedback, including here ftom a participant sent to the Consortium’s WhatsApp group chat:

“Morning all. Hey! It’s good to be here, I feel very honored to be on this platform.

I m one of the participants that attended the Masterclass. Wonderful experience that, and great eye-opener. Very insightful vision to come out with this process. Now it’s clearer, the fog is gone and there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. I had registered a PVO (that focuses on capacitating small holder farmers and environmental awareness), but I realise now that, even though I had, it was just trudging in utter darkness. I was humstrung and stuck. but now I think with the advent of this Development /Consortium I m getting re- focused, revitalised and rejuvenated. With such collaborations, I m completely and entirety positive we will make it.

Thanks for the vision, the sacrifices and the sharing. Looking forward to greater heights.”

All in all, it was a very successful event, well attended, well preoared & presented, and above all, well appreciated. Makorokoto/Well Done to all involved!👍

Pakati Primary exam time + Other news

With my thanks to Pakati Primary Head Teacher Mr Mahachi, I can report on the Grade 7 exams being undertaken by students.

The reults from these will give the Secondary schools a good idea of the abilities of the students as they arrive into Form 1 in January. The vast majority of those currently sitting their Grade 7 exams at Pakati will go into Form 1 at the nearby Pakati Secondary school.

The students completed their exams for the day, then were allowed to relax before being allowed out & dismissed to go home.

Some of the students, mostly those who live close to or at the school, stayed around to help the teachers who had been invigilating the exams.

Mr Mahachi tells me that schools are due to close on 17th December, before re-opening on 4th January 2022.

Other news

In the same area, Mapanga Primary school have reported further problems…Head teacher Mrs Maenzanise tells me the following story:

“Our school assembly roof was blown off by a strong wind last Tuesday afternoon”

Pakati Secondary school is also reporting a problem – something similar to Mapanga’s woes seen here earlier this year – This from Head Mr Chifaka yesterday:

“Hi Chris.On a sad note, our transformer went up in smoke yesterday, it’s no longer functional. I notified ZESA but they haven’t responded yet. We are busy roasting meats that were in fridges!🤣”

More on this to come soon.

One of the members of the recently-formed Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities, the Zoe Counselling Training Centre Trust, have offered to invite the next group of Prefects at both Pakati schools for some training early in the New Year:

“Hi Chris. I hope I find you well. As Zoe Counselling and Training Centre Trust we may want to offer joint prefects training and team building for Pakati Schools. So is it possible to help the schools raise a budget for 2 nights and 3 day Training away from the schools. It is our mandate to impart assertiveness and confidence in our pupils, and we want them to have an exposure which help them even when the go to colleges and universities. We wont charge for our own services but admin expenses only.”

I have put them in touch with the Heads of the two schools so it can be organised if possible. Costs may be an issue, but Friends of Pakati might be able to help in some way. More on this in future posts.

Latest news

The Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities had one of its Zimbabwe-based organisations, our partner VaTonatsa Foundation, running an event for PVOs & NGOs both in person and via Zoom. An bonus blog will be released when we have the full details from Vari Mayez of VaTonatsa.


Debbie Chadbon, former teacher at Pakati Secindary & key supporter of Friends of Pakati, has bought some more merchandise – just posted out Saturday!

Let us know if you want any merchandise yourself – email

Odds & Ends

Welcome to our latest blog! Again I have just a few different things to mention today, rather than a single topic, so please do read, enjoy, and share with your contacts!

Sports Kits

One of the WhatsApp groups I am a member of by invitation is the Pakati Primary Old Students Assiciation (POSA), which dedicates itself to supporting the school. It is run by former students & members.

This photo shown above was cropped, taken from one of several originals sent to me by the POSA. I also heard directly from Pakati Primary school, namely through one of the teachers there, my friend Mr Johannes Chorichi. He tells me more about the donation of new football kits to the school by the POSA:

“The shirts were brought by Mr Zebion Chatereza. He sourced them from his colleagues in Italy. The one squatting is Mr Chatereza.”

Many thanks tor Chatereza & his colleagues in Italy for the donation! The Primary now has 2 sets of football shirts after Friends of Pakati presented those donated by Scunthorpe United FC back in September 2019:


A colleague at my workplace has collected some money from a few friends & is promising a donation next week of more then £60👍

Also, my Dad bought a key ring from us yesterday – he certainly seems happy with it…

The Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities

There is a meeting due to be held in Harare for those member organisations which are present within Zimbabwe. It is organised by Vari Mayez of our friends and partners, VaTonatsa Foundation.

“Hello everyone.I trust I find you well.
We have managed to organize the training for Charities .
It’s scheduled for this Friday the 3rd of December 2021 at the Nexus building @ Batanai Mall on Jason Moyo from 1300 to 1600.

The training will feature speakers from reputable NGOs,lawyers,a representative from the PVO board and many more .
We will do it physically and those who cannot attend physically can attend online at a cost of $10 which will cover the venue and all expenses.”

Vari with her Aunt, Mrs Maenzanise, who is Head of Mapanga Primary school in the same Ward 14 area of Murewa as Pakati schools

Vari also very kindly told me what she thought of the blog last week – – adding some interesting comments:

“I liked it. One thing I know and admire about you is that you are a planner and plan in advance.The blog captures this properly. The social media sites u are on are adequate. If it didn’t cost tto much $ then boosting your posts would also help to improve traffic on all sites and attract donations. Individual donations are a blessing but now we need to maybe also look for grants from bigger NGOs like Unicef, etc.”

Former Teacher at Pakati Secondary

Good friend of Friends of Pakati, Tinashe Pindura, recently graduated in Harare, following her studies, a Master of Commerce in Marketing Strategy from Midlands State University, over the last 2 years. She went home to Harare most weekends to attend her college in addition to her school duties aa a teacher of English and Deputy Head. Well done/Makorokoto Tinashe!!

If you have any comments, thoughts, ideas or suggestions about Friends of Pakati then please let us know via our comments section, or via email to

If you would like to donate to us, please use the donate button, or via Thank you👍

Where to in 2022?

Welcome to today’s blog! This week we ask the question for Friends of Pakati – Where to in 2022? Help us to make more progress next year please👍 Well, what exactly do we mean by that question? I feel it actually raises a number of others about our future plans. So, below, here are the areas up for discussion among ourselves & partner organisations, as well as our followers, sponsors & donors large & small – that includes you dear reader!

Our Vision

Currently stated, here it is: Charitable Purposes

  1. To advance the education of the pupils at Pakati Primary and Secondary schools in Ward 14, Murewa District, Zimbabwe, by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the schools named. This can be in the areas such as IT and auxiliary equipment, internet access, and any such educational, sporting, and practical materials as the schools may need.
  2. Should funds permit, these facilities may be extended to the other schools in Ward 14, Murewa District, Zimbabwe, namely Chanetsa Primary and Secondary schools, plus Mapanga Primary school.
  3. Should funds permit, the awarding to such persons as deemed necessary, identified through consultation with both Pakati Primary and Secondary schools, Ward 14, Murewa District, Zimbabwe, scholarships in the form of relevant school fees, uniforms, educational materials, and sports equipment as required by the schools named.
  4. To assist in such ways as the charity trustees think fit any charity or similar organisation active in Ward 14, Murewa District, Zimbabwe, whose aims include advancing education of persons attending the 5 schools named above in sections 1 & 2

To see more about this, see 

Is this Vision good enough to remain in place for 2022? Should it have more specific targets?

Our Partnerships

We are currently developing two particular partnerships, in different ways:

Firstly, we are in discussions with our friends at VaTonatsa Foundation about ever closer cooperation, leading to a possible merger.

See more about one of our earlier joint ventures here:

Secondly, we are now part of the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities, a recent move to empower smaller organisations and charities who aim to better the lives of people in Zimbabwe.

Please check out our previous post about these collaborations: In addition, the Consortium has already lead to links with several other organisatiins & fellow members.

What do you, our readers/supporters think? Are there any other collaborations we might get involved in?

Our Online Presence

In addition to this website, we are also on the following platforms: 

Are their other platforms we can usefully be on?

Our Fundraising

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, our fundraising has been less successful than we had hoped recently. In the past we have done a sponsored walk, weight-loss, & bike ride. We are trying new things this Christmas – see – but always on the lookout for new ideas. 

Merchandise is selling, but slowly. I hope to be able to go to fete’s & fairs in 2022 to try & sell more items.

Are there more things we can have produced which people might want to buy? Are there things we can give away free?

I also need to better publicise everything we do – so expect more videos next year to add to this one: 

Got any thoughts on what else we can do to raise more funds?

Our Sponsors & Donors

We have some key sponsors & donors who have either given generously or often, both in money terms and in the form of goods. See  for more details.

In 2022 we need to find more sponsors & donors, large and small, regular and occasional. Certainly I intend to professionalise the approach more for next year. 

The question here is how to attract more sponsors & donors?

How to get in touch : 

Here on the website there is a comments box you can use.

Also, email us at or DM us on our twitter feed, or message us on facebook. 

Please do let us know your thoughts, ideas, opinions👍