Zonal sports: old and new…

Friday 31st January, 2020 saw the Zonal sports competition – athletics – at St Pauls, Musami. Earlier posts have given a little hint of what happened, but I have received more pictures and information about the day from Pakati’s perspective.

The 4 girls are very happy after winning the 4 x 100m race
Soon after the start of the 4 x 100m, Pakati (in blue) are running second
Pakati student showing her gold card after winning the under-17 girls triple jump competition
Shot putt
Shot putt
Shot putt
Pakati student is down but happy after crossing the line first in the 400m race

Many thanks to Mr Chizenya for the pictures and information – here is what he told me regarding the results:

4×100 metres under 17 girls relay
400 metres under 17 girls race
100 metres under 17 boys race
Under 17 girls long jump
Under 17 girls triple jump
The girls who won long jump, triple jump and 400 metres race are all part of the relay team.

Same competition, same venue, back in 1992

Many thanks to Debbie Chadbon for this photo – really takes me back to my time at Pakati! The athlete shown in the photo is Juliana Chiroodza, the athletics star of Pakati Secondary school back when I was working there 1989 – 1991. Juliana was just a natural sportswoman. She was very good at high jump, sprinting (100m), 400m, played netball, volleyball and tried football more than once. At 100m, she went to the National finals, with the school using part of the sports funds raised from the community.

January Highlights!

Last month saw the relaunch of Friends of Pakati, with a number of things going on. Below are the key moments from January 2020:

● Memories from the Author from 1990, and talks about things which have not really changed….

Pakati signboard in 1990

● Return of a regular contributor to her home, and visited her former school for the first time since 1992

Lorraine returns for the first time in over 25 years

● The Author reveals his fundraising secret for this year, one of several initatives to raise money for our key priorities in 2020

End of week 2 of my challenge

● Pakati Primary school returns after the Christmas/New Year holidays along with schools across Zimbabwe

Grade 5 students return to class

● Updates on the Authors challenge, activities and donations to the Http://gofundme.com/friends-of-pakati fundraising page

View from part of the Author’s walking around Bradford

● ‘Meanwhile at Pakati Secondary school’ showing students during a break in studying

Break time at Pakati Secondary

● A reminder of this years activities and why they are needed…plus the next fundraising event now planned – ‘Get TIED UP for Pakati’👔

● Pre-event training for the Zonal athletics for students of Pakati Secondary school

● Pakati schools having returned for their first term of 2020, bring out their computers donated in 2019

● Zonal athletics competition held at St Pauls Sports Grounds, Musami

Pakati Secondary Deputy Head Mrs Pindura was the cheif recorder for the event

Confirmed – 6 gold medals won by Pakati students, with 7 students going forward to the District competitions – details to follow. Also, Primary schools Zonal competitions are due at the end of February, again more details to be provided in the coming days according to Mr Mahachi, Head of Pakati Primary school.

Zonal athletics: first news of yesterday's competition…

Friday, 31st January was a very important day. No, not Brexit, nor the football transfer window in the UK….but the first sports competition of the year for Pakati Secondary school!

At St Pauls, Musami

The following secondary schools were competing at the Zonal athletics this year, being held at St Pauls Sports Grounds, Musami:

Pakati, Dombobzvuku, Mabika, Munamba, Chemhondoro and Chikupo.

Teachers from the various schools were involvrd in admistering the events. Mrs Pindura, Deputy Head at Pakati, seen centrally, was Chief Recorder.

I am reliably informed tbat Pakati Secondary managed to win 6 golds on the day, cheered on by virtually the whole school, which is around 15km from the sports ground. Full details and report to follow soon, along with more photos hopefully.

I will update regularly on the progress of the Primary and Secondary schools sports teams as soon as I get information direct from thr schools themselves.

Pakati Secondary: Zonal athletics competition, and using IT..


Tomorrow -Friday 31st January – sees the first of many sports competitions in 2020, the Zonal Athletics event at St. Pauls Secondary school sports arena at Musami, some 15km away.

As a result, sports coaches at the participating schools are putting their students through their paces. Pakati is no different. Mr Magabaza and Mr Chizenya have been taking training sessions on Tuesday of this week, with more today.

Shot Put

The athletics competitions have seen great success for Pakati over the years, with students reaching the District, Provincial and even National competitions in the past. Good luck to all those from Pakati who compete this year!

High Jump – need to try again!
High Jump – success!


Pakati Primary and Secondary schools are keen to get the most from the computers donated last year by the Stephenson group from Leeds, and those bought from donated money to friendsofpakati.com

Students here are shown using the school laptop & setting up the desktop PC’s for use earlier this term.

Students playing games…
PC’s donated last year in use at the Primary school

If we can get more funds and computers donated, we can turn Pakati schools into a hub for the community. Add internet and printers, then porper IT lessons can happen too. More security is also needed, along with books and furniture. Thats what more donations will do for Pakati schools. Please help… http://gofundme.com/friends-of-pakati

Authors activities this week…

The Author has been busy this week, as he is on annual leave from work until next Monday. Here are some of the things he has been up to in support of friendsofpakati.com

I have been out walking again, pounding the streets around the area of Bradford in which I live, day and night. All to help with my weight loss campaign, now showing a reduction of 4.8kg/9lbs since I began 2 weeks ago.

Yesterday I launched the next part of this years fundraising activities – ‘Get TIED UP for Pakati’ (see the previous post) – and managed to get on BBC Radio Humberside’s sports programme for an interview. It happened during the half-time break in the game last night between Northampton Town and Scunthorpe United. In my eyes, it went very well, with questions which gave me the chance to explain all the details of the event, my interest in Pakati, and what we are doing to try and help the schools. Much more to come with this story in the coming weeks.

I have been in touch with former Teacher Debbie Chadbon by email, and soon I should be able to announce details of her plan to fundraise for us, using the same page http://gofundme.com/friends-of-pakati for donations.

Being in touch with staff at the two schools allows me to keep up to date with what ever is going on there, and share it with you. To come from the Secondary school tomorrow will be pics and stories about students using computers, and the training in advance of the Zonal athletics competitions on 31st January -this Friday. Below is a picture from the Primary school last week soon after students return to school.

Quite a lot of work still to be done here, but with help from our donors, and all those supporting us in the background, I hope we can meet our main objectives in order to give the students what they need to get a good education.

'Get TIED UP for Pakati' 👔 – announcement of fundraising event

Exciting news! Latest event to fundraise for Pakati schools to be held over the Easter weekend.

Pakati Secondary school heads past and present, all ‘Tied up’ in 2019

The publicity for this is already in the pipeline, with BBC Radio Humberside looking to do an interview, Iron Bru are agreeing to a brief slot on one of their upcoming podcasts, and Scunthorpe United media team getting involved – possible articles on the club website and at least one Iron matchday programme. Further support for ‘Get TIED UP for Pakati’ is promised from SUOSC – Scunthorpe United Official Supporters Club – and once more from Iron Trust.

TIED UP at Pakati, September 2019

All of this came about from the pictures I posted after the Ceremony at Pakati in September last year, when we officially handed over ther donated goods with the support of the local dignatories. A friend of mine from twitter and fellow Iron follower, David Scott, saw me in a tie and thought of the idea of getting fans to wear a tie at an away game, then offered to pay friendsofpakati.com £1 per fan who obliged. SUOSC’s Neal Campbell has offered to promote it and ask fans themselves to donate £1 each too.

Handover of donated goods in September 2019, the author accompanied by local dignatories at Pakati

Other fundraising activities are ongoing – the Author losing weight among them – and others are being planned. Expect more announcements in the coming weeks from friendsofpakati.com not just from the Author….

Fundraising for Friends of Pakati in 2020 plus a reminder why it is needed

Last year, the main fundraising activity was the sponsored walk from Bradford to Scunthorpe, which, if we include the donation by Scunthorpe United chairman Peter Swann, raised the bulk of the total of £2700 before the visit to Zimbabwe in September 2019.

Early on day 1 of last years walk

This years campaign is more varied. A number of smaller, different things are hopefully going to raise plenty for the cause. One of those has already been announced, and is under way – the Author losing weight. Donations have begun already, and so far we are up to £100 this year.

Weight loss under way!

Once more fan groups of Scunthorpe United are organising to help again this year…an initiative from one Iron fan is starting to gain traction. Later this week I will reveal all, as I am getting the idea off the ground and will be launching a publicity campaign behind it.

Scunthorpe United CEO Mr Jim Rodwell hands over Mr Swann’s donation, along with one of several club shirts to friendsofpakati.com in August 2019

Here are the things we are raising money for this year:

Internet: The first few computers delivered in September will come into their own once the internet is available. It offers students and teachers access to so much more information, advice, and educational material.

Some of the computers delivered last year.

Printer and paper: With a lack of available text books, then once internet is set up then a printer for each school will be useful, so they can print out copies of relevant material, e.g. things like past exam papers.

Security: Both schools will need additional, improved security for the rooms in which the computers will be used. Better burglar bars on the windows and additional door security is needed.

More computers: In order to offer formal IT lessons, each school needs at least 10 computers. Currently they both have 5, so extra ones are needed. This will raise another question though – electricity supply. At present the supply is irregular, and both rely on solar power during the day.

Text books: It is sad to see that even now 30 years on from my time as a teacher at Pakati Secondary school, there are too few text books for the number of students.

Desks/seating: As with books, not enough desks and/or seats for the students. On top of that, there is now a requirement for seats with back support for the students.

Help us improve educational facilites here at both Pakati schools pleasw

The challenge is on to help Pakati schools again this year.