Computer donation…

Left to right: Stuart Pine, IT Manager at Stephenson Group; Chris Walker, founder of ; Richard Musgrave Marketing Manager at Stephenson Group. Photo by Tom from Stephenson Group, taken at their premises in Horsforth near Leeds, West Yorkshire. Stuart can be seen holding one of the seven donated computers.

Thank you to the Stephenson Group!

Boys Under-20s football latest news

Mr Magabaza, football coach, talking to the Pakati boys u-20s squad before
the District competitions tomorrow

Football coach Mr Magabaza (seen below) has been discussing tactics and formations – I am told he is going for 4-4-2 – for the team in tomorrows District competitions, which are being held at Chemhondoro High Scool, a journey of around 25km.

Mr Magabaza, Football coach and Teacher of Commerce

Much more to follow at the weekend, including a full report and pictures from the tournament.

Computers – Update! official website of the Stephenson Group based in Horsforth, near Leeds, in West Yorkshire

Back in January 2019, Stuart Pine (IT Manager, Stephenson Group) heard my interview on BBC Radio Humberside’s Sports Talk programme on his car radio, on his way home from work.

He got in contact with me by email, saying he thought the company could donate some computers to me for Pakati Schools, as they were in the process of upgrading their IT systems.

Today, Wednesday 10th July 2019, saw me visit the company and meet Stuart for the first time. I also met the company’s Marketing Manager, Richard Musgrave, and photographer Tom who took pictures for their forthcoming publicity.

Once I get the publicity material I will post another blog with full details.

The promise of some computers finally came to fruition today, and I have collected the 7 PCs , 3 monitors, 7 keyboards & box of cables, mice and a webcam. I now have them stored, and will be contacting someone about organising shipping to Zimbabwe in time for my forthcoming visit later this year.

Many thanks to the Stephenson Group for their donation!

As an extra bonus, Richard has donated several football shirts, which I am now told have a good market value – they are heading to Simon my friend the shirt collector and trader to raise more funds in the coming weeks for Thank you Richard!

Many thanks on behalf of Pakati Schools to Stuart and Richard and to the Stephenson Group for the generous donation of IT equipment!!! I hope this might inspire others to follow suit…

Update…District competition for Boys U-20s football

Pakati Boys U-20s football team

Following a discussion with Mr Kahuni, the Sports Director at Pakati earlier today, I can confirm the details of the Boys Under-20s football District competitions.

Day/date: Friday 12th July

Venue: Chemhondoro High School (close to Musami Cross – near the junction of Harare/Mutoko and Musami/Maronera roads).

Teams competing: Chemhondoro High, Murewa High, St Pauls High, Nyahuni High, Chenhuta Secondary, Shumbahainyare Secondary, Rota Secondary and Pakati Secondary.

Mr Kahuni spoke earlier to Pakati Centre Back Fradreck Makuvaza, who said ” We are going there to win. We will fight to the last match. I am confident in our team”

Very best of luck to Pakati!!!

Coming soon to Friends of Pakati…

The Author

● First computers being donated by the Stephenson Group this Wednesday

● Publicity around the donation of computers – details afterwards including photos

● More updates on football shirts/memorabilia either for sale/fundraising or for the Schools at Pakati

● Update on fundraising

● Updates to the website/blog

● New content including videos following upgrade to the website

● New directions for as we look to expand help to the school

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● Will be asking for more help – ideas on fundraising, on publicity, on social media please!

Headmasters past & present: Mr Mugove Chifaka and Mr Chris Walker, September 2018

Zonal competition – More success for Pakati!

Pakati Secondary school boys under-20s successful football team

Date: Friday 5th July 2019, Venue: Mabika Secondary school

Zonal Under-20s boys football competition – participants: Mabika, Dombodzvuku and Pakati Secondary Schools. Munamba did not participate.

All games played were played at 60 minutes each.

First game – Mabika v Pakati – result : victory for Pakati by 1-0, the scorer was Delight Chizema

Mabika v Pakati before kick-off

In the second game of the tournament Mabika beat Dombodzvuku by 1-0

Mabika v Dombodzvuku

The third and final game saw Pakati take on Dombodzvuku. It ended as a 1-1 draw, with penalties deciding the winner. Delight Chizema again scored Pakati’s goal.

Pakati v Dombozvuku

Pakati took the honours by winning the penalty shoot-out 5-3, the scorers being Frederick Makuvaza, Nigel Shamba, Christian Cheza, Large Rupiya and Tinashe Cheza. Keeper Panashe Zhuwao was on form, helping Pakati to victory.

Sports Director at Pakati – Mr Kahuni – gave his thoughts about their chances in the next round, the District competitions:

“We managed to win the Zonal competition, but as we go to the District, the competition will be more tense. The team played well but they need to improve in defence. Our keeper and the defenders should communicate well and pass accurately to the next player”.

More details of the District level games to follow.

Well done to Pakati for winning the Zonal competition!!!

Updates on Sport, Computers and Health

•Sports Update

Tomorrow (Friday 5th July) sees the boys Under-20s football team compete at nearby Mabika Secondary school in the Zonal competition. They are hoping to progress to the District competition, then maybe the Provincials, in the following weeks.

This just in from Mr Kahuni, Sports Director: “The Head Mr Chifaka met with the boys today and encouraged them to fight hard to win the games and have team spirit.”

Pakari Boys Under-20s boys football team 2019

•Computers Update

Fantastic news! This coming week I am invited to the Stephenson Group’s offices just outside Leeds. I will finally be meeting Stuart, the IT Department Manager, who heard one of my radio interviews back in January this year. He contacted me via email offering some IT equipment as the company were buying in new computers.

I am also meeting Richard, their Marketing Manager. He is organising the publicity, which should help both the company, and as they hand over their generous donation to Pakati schools.

It is possible this may be the start of a very good relationship between the Stephenson Group and Pakati.

•Health Update

Thanks to Israel Maliki, local Councillor for Murewa Ward 14 which includes the Pakati area, for this update on the figures regarding the recent Health Event held at Pakati Secondary school.

The event was done by PSI (Population Services International) and the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health, attended by the local MP Jonah Sewera and Guest of Honour, Mr Munemo from the District Education Office.

The figures given were 85 for circumcision, 42 for cervical cancer screening and 103 for HIV Testing services.