PC’s to PAKATI – Check our progress!

See how far we have managed to get our goods along the way to Pakati – a journey of 5340 miles in total. See the journey by air direct below:


Key points along the way:


  1. Bradford to London——————-172———-Total——–172——–22/01/2021
  2. London to Paris———————–214———-Total——–386——–28/02/2021
  3. Paris to Cannes———————–429———-Total——–815——–13/05/2021
  4. Cannes (France) to Cagliari———-318———-Total——-1133——-01/06/2021
  5. Cagliari (Sardinia) to Tunis———–371———-Total——-1505——-12/10/2021
  6. Tunis (Tunisia) to Tripoli————–228———-Total——-1732——-06/12/2021
  7. Tripoli (Lybia) to Sabha—————411———–Total——-2143——22/04/2022
  8. Sabha (Lybia) to Abeche————–902———-Total——-3045——-28/04/2022
  9. Abeche (Chad) to Yalinga————-532————————-3577
  10. Yalinga (CAR) to Kisangani———-435————————-4012
  11. Kisangani (DRC) to Lubumbashi–796————————-4808
  12. Lubumbashi (DRC) to Ndola———120————————4928
  13. Ndola (Zambia) to Harare————367————————-5295
  14. Harare (Zimbabwe) to Pakati———45————————-5340
  15. Pakati


Funds raised:


Donations total – £2538.94________Sales £630.00


Total so far – £3168.94

Fantastic! We have made it to the far North of Africa, at Tripoli and a few miles beyond. 

Currently we are now only 176 miles short of Sabha, our next target!