Pakati Primary latest developments!

Written by Chris Walker:


With my thanks to the Head Teacher, Mr Mahachi, Friends of Pakati are delighted to bring the stories of recent developments at Pakati Primary school. We always want to tell of interesting news about the schools & community, as it is important to show that life in rural Zimbabwe is not static or one-dimensional. 

Today we bring together a number of elements, including more about the installation of WiFi at the school (see ), the drilling of a new borehole with a water tank & solar powered pump, plus how these things were planned and agreed by the school and its community. 

WiFi being installed at Pakati Primary school recently.

As seen here the WiFi was part of a local initiative to bring rural Primary schools into the digital age. The small number of PCs Friends of Pakati provided in 2019 will help, but getting more IT out to them & the Secondary school is our priority. 

Having a good supply of clean drinking water is also an essential requirement for the students at Pakati Primary; and the school has been proactive here too. See pictures below showing the drilling, the solar panel, and construction of the water tank.

The whole of the school community – staff, students and parents – have been involved in discussions about these developments, as well as on more regular school concerns like the Curriculum. Pictures below show some of those discussions going on.

Interesting times at Pakati Primary school!

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  1. This is a positive development for the school and community by all standards. The future is indeed bright for the local community and the country at large.Students will have more beleif that nothing is impossible when the will exists.Kudos to the stakeholders in these magnificent developments.

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