Ward 14 Primaries schools making progress!

Written by Chris Walker:

In recent months, here at Friends of Pakati, we have reported on a number of promising developments in the area where the Pakati schools lie – Ward 14 in the district of Murewa. It is worth bringing it all together to show what has been going on there. There are 3 Primary schools in the Ward – Chanetsa, Mapanga & Pakati. Their Head teachers have often messaged me with information, stories and photos or short videos. We have been delighted to post much of this material. 

Mr Kadzimu (Head of Chanetsa Primary school) shakes hands with the Author, September 2022 as we handed over a Chromebook & some t-shirts.

What we have also been delighted about, is the opportunity we had in September/October 2022 to visit all 3 schools (as well as Chanetsa & Pakati Secondaries – we will cover both of them in a separate blog). The Heads are Mr Kadzimu (Chanetsa), Mrs Maenzanise (Mapanga) and Mr Mahachi (Pakati), and we are very grateful to them all & their colleagues for their contributions to the blogs over the years.

Mr Mahachi (Head of Pakati Primary) receiving items donated by Friends of Pakati, September 2022.


Having visited &  donated goods to the schools, Friends of Pakati has been keen to follow their progress. In the months since our visit last year, all 3 Primary schools now have affordable Wi-fi – a tremendous development for all Primary school children in Ward 14.


Chanetsa, Pakati & Mapanga have all got new WiFi installations in place in the last 6 months, all the Heads of the 3 schools are delighted. They all see the development as very positive for their students, as they progress through the school systems they will become more IT literate.

All of this is great to hear about, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems – there are. For Pakati Primary in particular, the solar power issue is holding back the school from getting the most out of the WiFi & few computers they have. We need people to help us, help them by donating to http://paypal.me/friendsofpakati or http://gofundme.com/friends-of-pakati

Mrs Maenzanise with the Author in September 2022.

Mapanga Primary has also been able to complete a building project recently for flush toilets with a septic tank, which has been going on for some months. More pictures from Mapanga are below:

It is always good to report positive news from the area’s schools, and we hope to bring more good news to you in future blogs. We also look to show things improving, and to show the reality of life at these schools as it currently is, and talk to people who have links to Pakati schools in some way. Keep reading!


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