Collaborations under discussion ….plus other Pakati news

Friends of Pakati are excited to be currently discussing a couple of interesting collaborations, both with potential to help us move forward significantly.

I have recently posted on Facebook & Twitter already about the first one, the proposal by The Team Caro Foundation (for info about them please go to ) to create a consortium of charities with a focus on Zimbabwe.

Yesterday (Sat 23rd October) the first meeting was held to discuss the proposal, and later that day a What’s App group was established to connect those interested parties including ourselves here at Friends of Pakati.

After the Zoom meeting mentioned above, here are the objectives agreed by those present:

To forge a positive working relationship with our gvt. (Charities have been viewed with suspicion for a long time) It’s our duty to demonstrate to the gvt that our intention is to bridge the gap and reach vulnerable communities.

Have an organisation that will be a single point of access for Charities both in the Diaspora and at home.

To ensure that we access resources that can support Charities to achieve their goals.

To support existing and upcoming Charities to lessen the burden of gaps created by lack of know how.

…and here is the version given on the What’s App group:

This consortium has been established to create a single point of access for charities to maximise on what we can achieve when we work together.
We can support each other and pool various resources so we can achieve our vision to support vulnerable communities in our societies at home and abroad.

I forwarded the invite details and set out the ideas behind it to my co-conspiritors in Friends of Pakati, and the opinion is best expressed by Bothwell Riside, successful former student of both Pakati schools who is now a teacher in an International school:

Hi Chris,

I have had time to read the document that you sent and l am glad for all that is taking place. In all organisations, mergers, collaborations or partnerships are meant to capitalise on each entity’s strengths and have your weaknesses overshadowed…..I am glad for the collaboration. It will add more life to the orgnisation and its aims.

Thanks, Bothwell

Bothwell teaching in South East Asia in 2019

We are therefore delighted to be invited and to be involved with the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities!

The second possible collaboration is with an organisation our supporters will be very familiar with – VaTonatsa Foundation. They were founded by Vari Mayez, and to find out more about them see our page

Our close co-operation with them on specific issues where our interests overlap – such as revision booklets, solar power supply and books/materials for children 3-18 – provide us with an opporrtunity to work even closer together. The scenario would be anything from keeping the status quo, right through to a full merger, or anything in between. Bothwell’s comments above about the potential benefits to deeper co-operation regarding the Consortium are equally relevant to this situation too.

As of now, both of us are consulting with our key people, discussing the various options, then we will see what, if any, the consensus is for the way forward. Nothing is agreed, and nothing is off the table as things stand.

Left to right: Bothwell Riside (FoP), Holly Mahere, Vari Mayez (VaTonatsa Foundation) & Chris Walker (FoP), October, 2019

Just been chatting with Vari, and there appears agreement among the trustees of VaTonatsa that some kind of joining forces with Friends of Pakati would be mutually beneficial – this from Vari just now:

We agree that collaboration is overall beneficial for both FoP and VTF. The main benefits are that we can achieve more because FoP is founded in the UK and VTF is founded in Zimbabwe so both organizations can benefit from resources from both countries.

This was the general consensus from Trustees at the Virtual meeting held on Friday the 22nd of October 2021.

Today’s discssion between Vari & I as the founders of the two organisations highlighted certain differences – e.g. the legal requirements in both countries, the fact that VaTonatsa are already a Trust in Zimbabwe while we are yet to be so formally established – but also our willingness to cooperate with the purpose of improving what we can do to further the aims of our organisations, which are by no means mutually exclusive.

I am delighted to say our talks will continue, and we are both now involved in the Consortium of Zimbabwe Charities!

Naturally, any comments, thoughts, suggestions about these collaborations from you who read the blog will be most welcome, and considered by all of us involved.

Other Pakati news…

Congratulations/Makorokoto to Pakati Primary school teacher Mr Johannes Chorichi! Below is a pucture from his Graduation ceremony from his studies of Sociology of Education at the Great Zimbabwe University in Masvingo. The ceremenoy took place on Friday 22nd October at the University.

Mr Chorichi is also known for his love of sports, and was instrumental in us being able to put our video (below) together earlier this year:

Well done Mr Chorichi from all at Friends of Pakati!


We now have some stickers if anyone is interested…

…free with any new merchandise sales!


My name is Chris Walker, and between January 1989 and September 1991 I worked, through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), at Pakati Secondary School in Murehwa South district in Zimbabwe. I was a Maths teacher for 2 years, the Acting Head for the last 8 months there. I have also taught in Botswana & the UK, had 4 years working for VSO, and have been a Civil Servant in Bradford since 2005.

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