‘Appreciating Positive Change Makers’

Today, I am just following on from our most recent (and very successful) blog post https://friendsofpakati.com/2021/06/13/great-new-support-welcome-to-the-teamcaro-foundation/ we have an announcement to make. It is taken from the part at the end of the blog, where we talked about an event I have been invited to, and been given the chance to speak about Friends of Pakati.

Just to be clear, the ‘Women of Purpose’ at the top is the name of the organisers…the event is called ‘Appreciating Positive Change Makers’, and I am honoured & humbled to be considered to be among such people.

Very kindly, The TeamCaro Foundation – see  http://www.theteamcarofoundation.org.uk – have taken pity on me, being the sole representative of Friends of Pakati, and ‘adopted’ me as one of their own, so I should be sitting with them at the event.

Already I am thinking about what I might say, how best to get our message across to the other participants. I believe this is a fantastic opportunity to network with others who are based in the UK, who are also trying to support development in Zimbabwe.

I am delighted to say that I am taking our merchandise to the event, and hope to sell as much of it as possible!

In all seriousness, looking at those already saying they will attend, we – or I – feel a little nervous if I am honest. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess! Here are some of the other participants…

The quotes below are tajen from the facebook page of Dr Mambokadzi Tsitsi, a key organiser of the event on behalf of ‘Women of Purpose’.

“Purposeful persons are the ones who can dare to raise their voices for the cause they believe in, and this strength lives in a corner in every human of purpose’s heart. It just needs to be searched. #YouAreTheChange# looking forward to seeing us all.”


“Change-makers often have good people skills, they fit into different networks but manage to stay themselves. This makes them fascinating but also incomprehensible because you can’t put them in a box. See you all on 3 July 2021 Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club YouAreTheChange. http://www.womenofpurpose.me.uk/tickets. https://www.facebook.com/events

‘The first principle of ethical power is Purpose. By purpose, I don’t mean your objective or intention-something toward which you are always striving. Purpose is something bigger. It is the picture you have of yourself-the kind of person you want to be or the kind of life you want to lead. Looking forward to seeing you all on July 3 2021 at Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel & Country Club for Event http://www.womenofpurpose.me.uk Appreciating Positive Change Makers By Positive Change Makers. https://www.facebook.com/events/2
Tickets- http://www.womenofpurpose.me.uk/tickets #teamKnowYourPurpose# #YouAreTheChange# ”

That is quite an honour for Friends of Pakati to be among such company, but perhaps we deserve to be there – I hope to give a good account of our work and that we can make more progress towards achieving our Vision – see https://friendsofpakati.com/2020-vision-friends-of-pakati-the-project-continues/

Other Developments….

  • The long-promised video about our computers at Pakati is being produced & hope it will be ready very soon


  • End of June will see our 6-month review of everything Friends of Pakati-related


  • Zimbabwe itself is tightening Covid restrictions again as cases are currently rising, though not a full lockdown.


  • Schools in Zimbabwe are expected to return soon as previously planned after a 3-week break. Covid rules still apply.


  • My planned visit to Zimbabwe is now postponed until 2022, though I cannot say exactly when at this stage


  • I am planning a new series feature for the site, taking photos from our archives and expaining the context in more depth – first one to come very soon!




My name is Chris Walker, and between January 1989 and September 1991 I worked, through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), at Pakati Secondary School in Murehwa South district in Zimbabwe. I was a Maths teacher for 2 years, the Acting Head for the last 8 months there. I have also taught in Botswana & the UK, had 4 years working for VSO, and have been a Civil Servant in Bradford since 2005.

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  1. Good work Sir, I appreciate your efforts towards developing our community

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