Chapter 10 – Outside Zim Borders (plus additional news!)



Edited by Chris Walker


After two months of my arrival, my uncle decided to take me out for a tour around Cape Town. He is a busy man so were only going to visit few places. First we were going to see the ship Queen Mary 2. I was so amazed by its size.

“So its docked here for a week. During the day the sailors will be out in town doing shopping or touring then at night they go back to the ship. When they leave Cape Town, they’re going to dock in Durban”. That was my uncle.

“Wow, that’s so exciting ” I said.

“Only rich people can do that. One day I will be one of them” said my niece.

“They will be probably dead by the time you get rich” the younger one retorted .

“Daddy can we go inside I want mainini (Auntie) to see inside”

“Unfortunately we can’t. They won’t allow us today” my uncle said
I have heard that they once did get inside that ship, because my uncle’s boss was one of those captains or should I say a big deal.

We drove through waterfront, but we didn’t got out of the car. We drove through the airport again, but unfortunately duty called for uncle and he dropped us home promising to take me another day. Well I enjoyed it but again my friend Kudzai promised to be my tour guide.

Cape Town was all this and that but honestly I was missing Chris. I called him.

Soon after arriving in Cape Town

Tashy we are now worlds apart please leave me alone” that was his statement. It broke my heart. I loved that guy to the moon and back but hey, he made it clear that he was no longer interested. It was time for me to move on.

I opened my WhatsApp and I saw a message. This guy has been asking me out for a long time now and I was turning him down. I think this was a perfect time for a new relationship.

I quickly sent him a text “when and where should we meet?”

“l will come and pick you up in Delft” he replied.

Yes by that time I was staying in Delft, with my uncle’s young brother and his family. I was assisting them with their three month old baby because they were working. They couldn’t leave the baby with the nanny without a relative around. I must admit my stay in Delft was so awesome. We were seven including the baby. Two boys, me and the nanny, uncle n sister..

The day of my first date I woke up in high spirits. I even refused to eat anything, bragging that I will have a Nandos with my new boyfriend.

As he had promised, the guy came and picked me up. I was dressed to impress. Some heels and a nice dress. Naturally I’m not a fan of heels but that day I did it because I wanted to impress – plus the first date you need to be looking all good, right?.😂😂.

We arrived in Mfuleni where he stayed and we went to his house. Unfortunately we didn’t get inside because he said the landlord is there and he doesn’t want people. We had to wait for the landlord to go out or at least move from the dining room. The Cape Town December sun cooked me whilst I was standing in the road waiting to get inside this guys house.

I stood there in the sun for almost two hours. Thanks to my Geography teacher who used to do the whole double period lesson with us standing outside, not in the sun though. I was now hungry and having a headache, so I told the guy that I’m going back and he suggested that we could go to the park.

We took another taxi then we just drop off in the middle of no where. My legs were happy for the rescue when we were in the taxi but their happiness were cut short because the standing battle resumed.

All in all my first date was a horrible and I vowed not to repeat that again.
I arrived home and everyone was all ears but I wasn’t in the mood. What I can say is I became a laughing stock for two weeks at our house. A lesson learned.

Christmas came and we did a family gathering in Kraaifontein. The place was so spacious and we really enjoyed. I drank that day. I was drinking to my new life in South Africa. To my heartbreak with Chris. To my horrible first date. I’m not a drinker and I can say the results taught me not to drink again.

Christmas celebrations, 2017

We welcomed 2018 a new year a new beginning….


More chapters still to come from Pauline..

*Exciting News – a new venture for Pauline*

An exchange on Whats App brought this news to me a couple of days ago….

“…..I’m writing the scripts for a group of dancers in Zimbabwe. They’re so amazing”

“… is the film/script going? you were going to tell me more about it…”

“Its about these dancers. I’m still writing. It will be shot in Zimbabwe, and if I happen to be there by the time of filming, I will be the director.”

“I have been editing your chapter 10, but can you tell me more about the film? basic story outline please? thanks”

“Well, the story is about a group of dancers trying to win a competition. I will focus on two protagonists. An alcoholic lady chased from her parents house. A daughter in law trying to be in the competition. I can’t give you any more info right now, but this is what you will find in the movie when it is made.”

That’s all the news Pauline will tell me for now!

I am creating a new page on here to put every chapter of the ‘Outside Zim Borders’ story all in one place for those who wish to read the whole thing.


My name is Chris Walker, and between January 1989 and September 1991 I worked, through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), at Pakati Secondary School in Murehwa South district in Zimbabwe. I was a Maths teacher for 2 years, the Acting Head for the last 8 months there. I have also taught in Botswana & the UK, had 4 years working for VSO, and have been a Civil Servant in Bradford since 2005.

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