Primary booklets are ready!

Further to our earlier posts and we have more to report. First up – picture and comments from Vari Mayez of VaTonatsa Foundation:

“This photo (above) is from Lisa, the lady doing our binding at Lonoc projects in Harare. Production ongoing but seems to be taking longer than anticipated due to some technical issues. We anticipate the binding will be completed for the Primary school booklets very soon.”

The quote above was from earlier today (Tuesday 16th June), the pictures below are from later this afternoon.

Currently, as the Primary school papers are now complete, we are waiting for confirmation that the materials for the Secondary school booklets have all been delivered to VaTonatsa, so that the final product can be ready soon. Once we have all the booklets for all 5 schools – Pakati Primary and Secondary, Mapanga Primary, plus Chanetsa Primary and Secondary – then VaTonatsa will take them for the SDC’s to distribute to their students.

Vari further writes:
“I think that when they are distributed a list is made, and each student signs to acknowledge receipt then when they clear at end of year they return. I am thinking if we manage to get more donations or change we can donate exercise books so they work separately and not inside the booklets!”

Here are some of the messages exhanged between the Author and Vari during this afternoon:

[16/06, 14:35] Vari Mayez: ….So you will need more pics, will send some later today as I pass through to collect the finished ones
[16/06, 14:36] 610909: yes please if you can that would be great👍
[16/06, 14:37] 610909: how much is left to come from the Secondaries?
[16/06, 14:38] Vari Mayez: Mr Chifaka sent me one more so I need him to confirm my response, we were chatting just now
[16/06, 16:35] Vari Mayez: Am glad you like it, am looking for boxes to pack them well
[16/06, 16:35] Vari Mayez: Then will share
[16/06, 16:37] 610909: 👏👏👏thank you. am putting the blog together now, i can wait a while for the pics of boxed up packs
[16/06, 17:01] Vari Mayez: Awesome
[16/06, 17:03] 610909: you and your colleagues have done an awesome job 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
[16/06, 17:04] Vari Mayez: Thank you
[16/06, 17:05] 610909: You are most welcome. Please pass my thanks on behalf of Friends of Pakati and all who are associated with us.

Any further donations can be made either via our PayPal account – see the links at the side and foot of this blog – or at

We are looking forward to the completion of the Secondary school material, then final delivery to the schools, and to the students. More on this as I get confirmation and pictures.


My name is Chris Walker, and between January 1989 and September 1991 I worked, through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), at Pakati Secondary School in Murehwa South district in Zimbabwe. I was a Maths teacher for 2 years, the Acting Head for the last 8 months there. I have also taught in Botswana & the UK, had 4 years working for VSO, and have been a Civil Servant in Bradford since 2005.

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