Reflecting on the walk….

Daniel gave me great support in more ways than one..

The walk gave me the chance to talk at length to my son Daniel, and his girlfriend Alice who took most of the pictures, but also to reflect on what we were doing and why…

It all came about from this meeting in September 2018 between myself and the Head of Pakati Secondary school in Zimbabwe, where I once worked 30 years ago.

Mr Mugove Chifaka & Mr Chris Walker, Headmasters past and present!

The idea of raising funds to help the school with IT equipment came from that day. So far we have raised around £800, with more in the pipeline to come, plus the bonus offer from Scunthorpe United chairman Peter Swann to match whatever we raise.

The walk has given me renewed determination to continue raising funds for the schools, and I am looking for more ideas of what else might /can be done – see yesterday’s blog ‘The walk….what next?

I have some follow up work going on including publicity, collecting funds, collecting IT equipment, shipping & delivering, but also football shirts… quite a few are being collected & passed on to me. I just need to organise for them to be delivered too.

Some things have changed in the last 30 years at Pakati….lets try & make more beneficial changes to Pakati students at both schools.


My name is Chris Walker, and between January 1989 and September 1991 I worked, through VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas), at Pakati Secondary School in Murehwa South district in Zimbabwe. I was a Maths teacher for 2 years, the Acting Head for the last 8 months there. I have also taught in Botswana & the UK, had 4 years working for VSO, and have been a Civil Servant in Bradford since 2005.

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