First blog of 2023!

A very warm welcome to the New Year from all of us at Friends of Pakati, we hope we can all make good progress this year. Here is the summary of what happened for us in 2022 –

These are some of the students at Pakati schools who Friends of Pakati are in existence to help

We are deep in the planning stage for our activities in 2023, and we will reveal as much as we can in the next blog – which is planned for Monday, 16th January. Why that date? Well because it will be the 4th Anniversary of our original launch back in 2019. That in itself was a relevant day for me…because that was 30 years to the day that I first set foot in a classroom as a teacher at Pakati Secondary school.

I am currently lining up new guests for our podcast series – – including one of our key supporters, and one of the members of staff from the photo below:

Pakati Secondary school staff in 1989 (most of them…)

In a couple of recent posts we have hinted at someone from Friends of Pakati being a bit nearer to us than before… see in these previous blogs: and

So…now we can reveal…our very own Lorraine Mapuranga is here in the UK! More on this story soon…

As we head towards our next goal of official Charity status, we will be arranging ourselves as the official Trustees, with the relevant roles & titles. Putting ourselves into a more formal setting will benefit us greatly by being able to attract more donors, funds, sponsors, and access things like tax refunds, Gift Aid, and other benefits. 

We have so much to do this year, we need the continued support from our donors, followers and sponsors. Those of us involved in running Friends of Pakati are determined to work together to improve things for those students pictured at the top of this blog.


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